- Two new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D works in the making

- My 18th Birthday April 16



Species: Time Lord

Best Friend: Bruce Banner

Roommate: Donna Noble

First Kiss: Sherlock Holmes

Partner: Loki

Murderer: Martha

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    Your Species: Human Best Friend: Jack Harkness Roommate: River Song First Kiss: Jack Harkness Partner: Jack Harkness...
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    Species: Timelord Ruby Sherlock First kiss: Amy Pond 10 10
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    Species: Demon Best Friend: Captain America (hell yes) River Song First Kiss: Jo (yeezzzz) Martha (oh yeaaa) Meg
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    Species: Trickster Best Friend: Martha Jones (ok…) Sherlock Holmes (well then…. =) First Kiss: Jim Moriarty (really?...
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    I’m a ghost My best friend is Mycroft Holmes, My roommate is Rory Williams My first kiss was Jim Moriarty My Partner is...
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    I am a Ghost, my bestfriend is Dean Winchester, my roomate is Jo Harvelle, my first kiss was Meg, my partner is Rose...
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    i am a ghost, my best friend is Jo, my roommate is Bruce Banner, my first kiss was Ten (o m g yes.), partner is Castiel,...
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    I am a demi god, my best friend is the eleventh Doctor, my roommate is Steve Rogers, my first kiss is Tony Stark, my...
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    Species: Timelord Best Friend: 9th Doctor Room Mate: 11th Doctor First Kiss: Molly Hooper Rose Tyler Your Murderer: Sam...
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    Your Species: Time Lord Best Friend: Eleven Jack Harkness First Kiss: Sherlock Holmes (how did that happen?!) Gabriel...
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    Your Species: Time Lord Best Friend: River Song Roommate Loki First Kiss: River Song Eleven Your Murder: Loki (I can...